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Weekly All Business Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Do you know if there are limits on the number of greenbacks that can be purchased?
Gunnison Colorado Chamber
The chamber will have more Dining Dollars after Thanksgiving. The sale has been amazing and we are just about out of the first printing
how are the holiday greenbacks different?
Gunnison Colorado Chamber
Holiday Greenbacks can be used at just about any Gunnison business including restaurants, gas, groceries, most services will accept these. The Holiday Greenbacks are valid for use Nov 28until Dec 13. The Dining Dollars are just for established food service within the city limits of Gunnison. They are valid now until Feb 28 2021
Mountain Store
Can you explain how this applies to Retail? Are we using the 1 person per 240 sf?
Island Acres, Pamela Williams
If I am understanding this correctly and just to be able to compare apples to apples with other counties, if we were using the state’s guidelines, at color would we be at?
For retail capacity, are you using 1 person per 240 sf?
Molly Eldridge
I am confused. So we should be at Red, but the state is keeping us at Yellow because we have good plans for containment?
24/7 Gym
Is the math for Gym density from the State or County? At 3500 SF we would be allowed 17 members but this is way too many - we have come up with a significantly lower number to be safe
24/7 Gym
Believe the State is at 25% not 50% for Gyms
Molly Eldridge
It just seems kind of strange that we could still be at Blue on the county level and potentially Red at the state level.
Island Acres, Pamela Williams
Molly, I agree. It is confusing. I think it also gives a false sense of safety. There are a lot of counties in Colorado at the red level.
Mountain Store
Thank you!