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Governor's Overdose Prevention and Intervention Task Force
For more information on the Prevention Strategy Work Group, please contact Carol.Stone@health.ri.gov.
More information on all of the Task Force Work Group: https://preventoverdoseri.org/task-force-work-groups
Jill jtreacy@bfri.org
So many thanks to Dr. McDonald for facilitating Prevention Strategy Work Group meetings from a space of honesty and curiosity that has encouraged open dialog from all members. Thanks and Happy Birthday week!
Roxxanne Newman (she/her)
Thank you
Brendan Jacka (he/him)
Thanks to Taylor for detailing the monthly Recovery Science and Harm Reduction Reading Group. The meeting is co-organized with Jon Soske at RICARES, and supported by NE ATTC. Our next call will be Thursday 18th March at 12:30pm. https://rshr-readinggroup-march2021.eventbrite.com
Today's presentations will be available for viewing later today on https://preventoverdoseri.org/presentation-archive/
Jill Glickman
The comms work is outstanding. Kudos to the agencies highlighted and the state comms folks working on this.
Ashley O'Shea, State of RI
Thank you, Jill! And thanks to all of the members of the Statewide team!
Taylor Bryan Turner
Thank you, Senator. https://www.thenationalcouncil.org/ccbhc-success-center/ccbhcta-overview/
Jackie Goldman (they/she)
Thank you Senator for pushing CARA, this is a great piece of legislation. I am wondering if there is also the opportunity to push for Medicare For All as it would also be tremendously important in opening up addiction and recovery opportunities for people who use drugs!
Kathy Sullivan
Thank you, Senator and your team, for all of your advocacy for prevention and treatment for RI! CARA has been extremely helpful.
Sarah Dinklage, RI Student Assistance Services
Thank you Senator Whitehouse for your advocacy. These funds are so needed and will be spent wisely I am sure!!
Steve DeToy
Senator, is there any funding to allow study and design of SIF?
Jackie Goldman (they/she)
Thank you for responding!
Jeffrey Hill
Are there any future funding supports for the SAMHSA/VA Governors Challenge to Prevent Suicide Among Service Members, Veterans and Families state teams?
Linda Hurley
Thank you Senator, As you are aware some of the treatment issues are related to under compensation in Medicaid rates and lack of funding for facility growth.Thank you Senator, As you are aware some of the Thank you Senator as you are aware, treatment issues related to under compensation in Medicaid rates and lack of funding for facility growth are chronic and increasingly critical issues. You have addressed them in sec 405 and 210. However these will take time to feel. Can you place some immediacy to these dollars?
Linda Hurley
Also is there be a way to decrease the 5 year pilot time for mobile methadone?
Susan Jacobsen
Also a reason pay is low for BH Providers and why so many of us leave treatment jobs for leadership jobs so we can support our families
Susan Jacobsen
Thanks Sen Miller for bringing reimbursement rates up.
Mike Rizzi
Thanks Senator, Great question and a very important topic
Sarah Dinklage, RI Student Assistance Services
Just a comment...while telehealth has improved access to care for adults significantly, the same cannot be said for youth. Students are often unwilling to engage in help for substance use and mental health challenges when stuck at home with family members present. Full return to school will increase access to confidential help.
Molly McCloskey
Senator - here is the editorial Senator Miller referenced: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/02/22/opinion/overdose-prevention-sites-save-lives/?s_campaign=rhodemap:newsletter
Brandon Marshall [he/him/his]
Thank you Senator Miller for highlighting this op-ed. And thanks to Dean Jha for co-authoring with me 😊
Taylor Bryan Turner
Hi Jeffrey, in the consolidated appropriations act, $50 million is allotted for suicide prevention programs and I think a collaboration with the VA is imperative and now if the time to put forward these ideas as programs are still being discovered. Thank you so much for your question. I will raise it.
Heather Seger
Thank you for mentioning the West Warwick project, Senator!
Elizabeth Samuels
Thank you, Senator Whitehouse!
Mike O'Neill
Thank you from Anchor Senator! Appreciate your continued hard work
Cathy Schultz
I want to also say thank you for acknowledging West Warwick
Trisha Suggs
Thank you Senator!!!
Carol Stone
If you have additional questions for Senator Whitehouse, please email Rele Abiade at Rele_Abiade@Whitehouse.Senate.gov
Lee Ann Keeler
Thank you, Senator Whitehouse!
Brendan Jacka (he/him)
Thank you, Senator Whitehouse!