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Polk Co EOC Stakeholders Briefing - Shared screen with speaker view
Jake Hedgecock
Hello Iowa Warriors
Robert Goldhammer
The vaccine registration process through the Polk County Health Department website worked great! I was able to sign up and get my first vaccination shot last Thursday.
Nicole Cable
Regarding the CDC recommendations after travel--is that still a recommendation or is that now a true quarantine (required)? The language seemed to change a bit this week, just seeking clarification.
Pamela Juhl
We have nursing staff who are currently in Africa, Kenya and Liberia who will be returning to the United States this next week. Do we need to have them quarantine 7 days before returning to work.
Paul Gibbins
How are members of the community without internet access able to make a vaccination appointment?
Jay Tiefenthaler
Reports generally state the UK variant is more transmissible and slightly more lethal, yet UK numbers are trending downward. Are there similar expectations here in the U.S. that case numbers will not increase despite this new strain?
Michael Rojas
Is there opportunity for Volunteers to help in some capacity at one of the vaccination sites?
Pamela Rosa
tier 3 says government officials. Does that only mean state officials or local government also?
Robert Goldhammer
I see there is a question on the Polk County website to indicate whether you are seeking your first or second shot. Is the vaccine registration process configured to give any priority to people who are trying to get their second dose?
diane gladson
What is the administrative fee PCHD is charging? Are both vaccines in the series the same charge?
Amber Rand
I understand Polk County Health Department will release their appointment slots at 12:00 on Friday for the following week. Are Hy-Vee and Medicap following a similar schedule for when they will release appointments for the following week?
Teresa Rotschafer
What phase is an individual in if they are 59, have Lupus and a letter from the Rheumatologist stating they should get vaccinated?
Susan Shields
Do you know if Hy-Vee/Medicap in other, nearby counties are following similar processes?
Chad Carlson
How do private (non-state licensed) daycare providers prove employment as a child care worker?
robert Rice
Can we call for older residents such as relatives 65 plus who struggles with computer? Who do you call and what info do you need
Brian Helland
How many doses / day does Hy Vee and/or Medicap have for capacity?
Lesley Leuwerke
Where would we direct 16 or 17 year old patients who are healthcare or childcare workers to get Pfizer vaccine?
Susan Judkins
The requirement to upload photos of insurance cards has been difficult for some people because of file size limitations. Do you have recommendations to deal with this?
DeAnne Sesker
For help with making an online appointment to receive a vaccination through the Polk County Health Department, call 515-286-3798 opt 6.
Jim Griffith
Is free Covid testing available in Polk County?
Chad Carlson
Yes, in home.
Amber Rand
Will Medicap and Hy-Vee also do same thing as PCHD and not require upload of insurance card?
Joe Quick
tier 3 says government officials. Does that only mean state officials or local government also? Sorry I missed this but can you answer this again?
Kari Lebeda Townsend
The Test Iowa site in Polk is located at 4475 NE 3rd Street in Des Moines 50313. There is no cost for testing through Test Iowa.
Susan Shields
Medicare B or Medicare D? Hard to distinguish voice difference?
Cheri Schmit
Medicare Part B
Nicole Cable
Thanks--they are very helpful.
Susan Shields
All very much appreciated.
Amber Rand
Really appreciated that you added Medicap and Hy-Vee to the meeting today. This was quite helpful.
Cheri Schmit
Well said Helen!
Eric Hemesath, Hy-Vee
Thank you!
Teri Wahlig
Thank you!
Cheri Schmit
Thank you everyone!