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LAI Aloha Chapter Meeting - Chat with Mayor Blangiardi - Shared screen with speaker view
Dan Dinell, Trees for Honolulu's Future
I was struck on a HCF call a year ago March 2020, when this was shared: "Rebuild the future we want, not the one we had." I wrote it on a post it and put in my laptop.
Joe Ferraro-Ferraro Choi
HTA should work with NOAA to post signs at beaches showing pictorially what litter does to sea birds, fish and mammals.
Michael Takayama
Need consistent enforcement on illegal transient accommodations.
kevin.carney EAH Housing
Mahalo Mr Mayor to you and your team for your efforts to get more affordable rental housing units produced particularly for those in greatest demand at 80% AMI and below. Very pleased to see the opening of the Affordable Housing Fund to an RFP process. Keeping pushing on Project Based Section 8 and get those Emergency Vouchers out the door.
Dan Dinell, Trees for Honolulu's Future
Question for Dean: As a former HCDA Exec Dir (and with Jan Yokota too on this call you got a lot of HCDA experience) your "mini-HCDA" approach caught my attention. I really like mixed use zoning and the focus in the urban core. Can you comment on the ability for current (or plans to increase and how) infrastructure capacity to make more intensive urban in fill possible?
Naomi Kuwaye/Ashford & Wriston
Dean - my clients have reported a slow down on the timing of permits being issued. While permits were being issued 45-60 days before, they are saying permits will take 6 months. Reason for the permit change? Is this delay permanent or temporary?