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Equity Beyond A Status, Undocumented Students and How to Serve Them - Shared screen with speaker view
Marisela Hernandez
The Power Point and recording of this presentation will be emailed to all register participants 24 hours after the presentation ends. We will also upload this presentation to the Chancellors Undocumented Student Action Week Website https://ccleague.org/advocacy/federal-advocacy/supporting-undocumented-students
Marisela Hernandez
Pre Health Dreamers www.phdreamers.org
Paolo Varquez
My partner founded Undocumentor. Great resource: https://www.instagram.com/undocumentor/
Carolina Yernazian
There is a lot of advocacy that we need to do at our individual campuses for Nursing/health programs for undocumented students who do not have a SSN. Working w. PHDreamers, I have found out that undocumented students can access nursing programs/health programs, but we need to ensure that our individual processes are in place to support that. For example: ensuring that the application information is not asking for an SSN and asking for an ITIN instead, the background check can be done without a an SSN and could be done with ITIN for the clinical setting once the student in in the program- these are more local advocacy that each campus needs to do to ensure we are suppprting the SB 1139
Marisela Hernandez
Marisela Hernandez
Marisela Hernandez
All links will be shared in a follow up email for all register attendees.
Sally Plant
I am an instructor and would like to add resources on a document with other resourcesces
Marisela Hernandez
If you have created any documents/ in regards to SB 1159 Professional and Vocational Licensure. Please email me at mhernandez@foundationccc.org . In the next couple months, I will be creating a community of practice in the Vision Resource Center to share resources and information. We want to learn from content experts in the system what type of guidance do you need around SB 1159. We are trying to provide the guidance. Use the USSP survey to share feedback with us. https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:59df718e-efc3-4f3d-9a6b-d74b735b458c
Sally Plant
I am just starting to try to put together some thing for my upcoming coming spring class.
Paolo Varquez
List licenses by SB 1159 here:https://www.dca.ca.gov/about_us/entities.shtml
Paolo Varquez
Another thing I learned is that undocumented folks can also work for those gig economy jobs since it's independent contract (e.g. doordash, uber eats, uber, lyft, instacart)
Danita Scott
Informative session. Thanks so much!
Sandra Guzman
Jason Bell
Thank You!
Marisela Hernandez
The purpose of the Community College Immigration Legal Services program is to provide free immigration legal services, including education and outreach services, to students, staff, and faculty on California community college campuses statewide.https://www.cccco.edu/Students/Support-Services/Special-population/Undocumented-Students/Legal-Services
Danna Chavez
Thank you! this was very helpful!
Marisela Hernandez
Make sure to follow Undocumented Student Action Week on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cccundocuactionweek/ @CCCUndocuActionWeek
Vicky Franco
Thank you for a very informative workshop. I look forward to the counselor kit to help undo-students and in the process help ourselves be better counselors.
Sally Plant
Thank you very much
Sally Plant
will you add all your emails