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Developing a Compelling Pitch, Kevin Franco - Shared screen with speaker view
Darrell's iPad
Hello. Darrell sitting in Calgary. looking forward to today's session
Jay-Anne Mandingin
Hello, everyone! My name is Jay-Anne. I am currently part of a high-precision sensor start-up in the middle of pilots and looking to raise soon. I think this webinar is very timely for us !
John O’Neill
Good morning - John O'Neill from Calgary. Always looking to pitch better.
Nicole Muthoni
Hello Everyone! I’m Nicole Julie and I’m from Boston, MA but a student at UCONN. Super excited for the webinar since I’m hoping to pitch my business soon.
Chantal Palmer
Nice to meet you Shannon, Darrell Jay-Anne, John and Nicole. Looks like we have people from all over the country and world with us. Thanks for joining :)
Stacy Richter
His pitch is super solid.
Anca Dan - SingleParentLife.app
Good morning! I was on a client call and came in a few minutes late. Will the slide be shared with us?
Jay-Anne Mandingin
@Nicole - what kind of business do you have?
Maris Apse
looks like we lost kevin
Jordana Armstrong
Thanks for your patience everyone!
Chantal Palmer
Thanks for waiting and your patience! I will confirm with Kevin if the slides can be shared separately.
Nicole Muthoni
@Jay-Anne my business is still pretty new and young but it is about providing mobile education and access to computers, computer literacy and learning software technologies for children in developing nations.
Anca Dan - SingleParentLife.app
What's the sweet spot for Customer Discovery? I've conducted almost 100 calls/ Zooms....
Chantal Palmer
@Anca, Thank you for your question. We will ask Kevin to address this at the end.
Golsa Kafili
Q: Thanks Kevin for the presentation - I was wondering if Platform Calgary or Innovate Calgary supports new service start-ups that are out of UCalgary? Do you know if there's any government budget to support these start ups?
Venkataraman Thangadurai
Thanks Kevin.