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CORE Transportation Group - CBSS Discussion on Alternative Transportation Service Providers – Responding to COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Debbie Posey
FCSS - government!
Debbie Posey
we are seeing lots of requests for medical appointments that have now been offered. One of the struggles has been with clients attending for colonoscopy with no other support. It's not ideal to have a volunteer transport someone who is still loopy from medication
Jody Wood, Seniors and Housing (Edmonton)
New Horizons for Seniorshttps://www.canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/programs/new-horizons-seniors.html
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
Lots of medical appointments. We have seen an increase in rides for religions events, visiting family and some programs have opened.
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
Some mental health programming has been running for over a month.
Jody Wood, Seniors and Housing (Edmonton)
Ideas for volunteer recruitment would be a great discussion thread to add to the CORE transportation group.
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
I agree!
Jody Wood, Seniors and Housing (Edmonton)
FYI - all forums are recorded and posted to CORE if you missed anyhttps://corealberta.ca/
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
We work with the FCSS groups in the outlying areas.
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
we are currently assisting Lethbridge Seniors to start a branch of Drive Happiness. :)
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
During COVID we jumped in to assist St. Albert Seniors, The City of Beaumont and The Cross Cancer as they had to shut down their transportation. All have been very successful and show how positive collaboration is!
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
We would be more then happy to help anyone on this call or providers in your area!
Jody Wood, Seniors and Housing (Edmonton)
If any organizations on the call are looking for health and safety guidance documents, Alberta Biz Connects site is best https://www.alberta.ca/biz-connect.aspx
Debbie Posey
Also, it appears Calgary Cancer Tom Baker is not providing any rides - leaving local programs responsible. Can MARD connect with Cancer Treatment centres and Renal (dialysis) centres about what they can offer clients who need this life saving treatment?
linda kolewask
Living in rural Alberta brings with it unique challenges for Seniors for both medical and non-medical transportation pre-Covid and now in Covid and will probably continue post-covid. I represent IMAGINE Citizens Collaborating for Healthcare, another member and myself have begun research into what we term "transportation deserts" that exsist in rural Alberta, contacting rural towns and how they provide service. One of the biggest challenges is getting Seniors to Medical appointments in the major centres- relying on family does not always work and this is just one area that we are exploring.
Emma Rudolf
We have been working with the Tom Baker to provide rides for seniors who are requiring rides to cancer treatment
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
Not to speak on Calgary Seniors behalf but we know they have jumped in to fill a lot of holes in that area due to programs shutting down. We have had many calls front their area and refer to them. Emma and her team have really stepped up! We have been happy to connect with them as well.
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
I think the Cancer Society shut their program down completely. That is what we have been told.
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
It was called Driving Angels.
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
Dialysis patients are hands down our most difficult clients to accommodate too!
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
Emma just said Whees of Hope and that is the correct name!
Debbie Posey
I have to prepare for my next meeting. Thank you very much for the great presentation and conversations. So many issues and I very much appreciate the supportive conversations. I look forward to meeting with you all again. Surfacing concerns and issues helps us get creative about solutions. Thanks Bonnie and team for your good work!
Coree Ladwig County of Grande Prairie FCSS
Thank you everyone, this has been really great to hear what is happening in the province and the way groups have stepped in and filled gaps. I look forward to connecting again!
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
We would love to help with getting volunteer driving started in any area. Drive Happiness have done rides over 200 K at times so we get calls all the time from all over the province. Please feel free to reach out any time to chat about. As I mentioned, we are assisting Lethbridge right now :)
Jody Wood, Seniors and Housing (Edmonton)
another FYI for people. We did a "relaunch webinar" focused on health and safety. The recording can be accessed here https://corealberta.ca/resources/cbss-sector-discussion-relaunch-health-safety-considerations
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
The rural areas we assist, run a lot through their FCSS offices.
Mariam Elghahuagi
https://corealberta.ca/ - healthyaging@calgaryunitedway.org
Sherri Mullen
thanks - would love info in a future session regarding databases used
Liza Bouchard Drive Happiness
Thank you everyone!
ARDN-Cassandra Rasko
Thanks everyone! New to this space and looking forward to connecting on CORE.
Mariam Elghahuagi
Thank you everyone!