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NREL Data Viewer and Best Practices Roundtable - Shared screen with speaker view
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working on the deck, apologies
Chris White
Are there plans to extend this to small C&I ?
Kevin Borgia
Jeff mentioned that the platform has reduced municipal staff time. Can you elaborate on the amount of time it has saved for those AHJs?
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Ray Antonino
Hello. Thank you for the work you are doing.My company, Permits.com supports electrical permit requests of all types throughout the US.Segmenting these requests (and inspection tracking) to leverage the SOLAR APP workflow for Residential PV requests will require we access to an API.Are you providing access to an API so that when we receive a request, that we can keep the customer within our platform ... providing them insight into all of their permits, SOLAR APP related and non-SOLAR APP related?
Jim DesJardins
Is NREL or SEIA able to help with introducing SolarApp to jurisdictions?
Evan Hays
With respect to the rollout of the solar app tool, do you expect there to be a large amount of usage by households or other consumers considering residential/rooftop installation as well as officials/firms that do project evaluation?
Christopher Castillo
This is excellent! Was/Is ASCE one of the stakeholders in the development of the APP, and if so, have they approved the SolarAPPs review of structural requirements of rooftop attachments per ASCE 7-16?
Nathan Hightower
Where and who harvests the data for the solar trading.
Ray Antonino
Good points Peter. Quality data in, quality data out.
Palmetto Policy
peter brings up very valid points. ultimately the best interests of the customer should inform each aspect of the value chain here
Mark Duda
Pete - you mentioned that you focus on 10 points int he plan review. Could you please list these 10 points?
Sean Livingston
Good morning,
Sean Livingston
Thank you for this discussion today.
Sean Livingston
I am with an AHJ and would love to test drive the SolarApp and become familiar with the application contraints. Is this available for AHJ testing?
Christopher Castillo
This is excellent! Was/Is ASCE one of the stakeholders in the development of the APP, and if so, have they approved the SolarAPPs review of structural requirements of rooftop attachments per ASCE 7-16?
Ray Antonino
Any plans on providing access to an API for developers to build into other applications — bringing value to all stakeholders?
Sean Livingston
Sean Livingston
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- Join NREL as a 2021 Solar TRACE partner, reach out to jeff.cook@nrel.gov- Provide feedback on how to improve Solar TRACE: https://solarapp.nrel.gov/solarTRACE- Any jurisdictions, state solar or energy organizations interested:- Complete the contact form: https://solarapp.nrel.gov/#contact-form- Email solarapp@nrel.gov for immediate response
Sean Livingston
My contact information: Senior Building Inspector/Plans Examiner Sean.Livingston@santacruzcounty.us
Peter Jackson
Crissy...I taught a couple of PV classes at Pappy'a Event Center in Tucson...hoping Pappy's still around!
Ray Antonino
Very informative. Thank you.
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Join SETO and SEIA for a discussion of the SolarAPP+Webinar, April 29th @ 2:00pm EThttps://www.zoomgov.com/meeting/register/vJIsf-qoqTopG-w-xPsDpszEJXwk4pJSTjE
Evan Hays
Thank you so much for the fascinating information!!
Sean Livingston
Thank you all. Look forward to the upcoming information.
Danielle Hall
Thank you!