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Campus Charcha 9 | Innovation in Higher Education - Speaker view
Pramath Raj Sinha
Thanks, Navin. I am trying out your good suggestion!
Dr Mahul Brahma
I believe faculty internship is for academicians getting a better perspective of industry so that they can bring in that in the curriculum.
Vivek Kaul
there is a desperate need for faculty to become more up-to-date because the boundaries of knowledge are expanding continuously and present faculty resources are increasingly left farther behind
Vivek Kaul
Agree with these extremely powerful ideas, thanks a lot
Navin Piplani
One of the key innovations may be to dismantle or disrupt the intellectual barriers between faculty and students. Otherwise, faculty will always be ‘catching up’ to new knowledge and skills and students will be ‘following’. The level of learning will depend on the competency of faculty. However, if we keep both at the same platform and allow them to launch themselves intellectually. They both can then meet at regular intervals to ‘upscale’ and ‘re-scale’ one anther with parity and in response to each others competency.
Vivek Kaul
just to share my daughter after working 2 years in small law firms got a job in a top MNC after 5 year law course based on understanding work processes
Navin Piplani
Thank you very much for a thought-provoking discussion.