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Equity Committee Meeting 4/27 - Shared screen with speaker view
Define Imbalanced in this context please?
Karen Kaplan
Anyone who would like to ask a question should enter it in this chat. Your questions will be read to the panelists.
it seems like if a school is predominantly non white it's getting punished
Lindsay Triplett
Could one of the panelists just briefly bring us up to speed on the current status of the closing plan, so we are all on the same page? We haven't heard much in years, so I think there is some confusion as to what is actually a done deal vs. not decided yet...
so essentially there is no money available for the sheperd glen school to make the needed renovation, correct?
Lindsay Triplett
Besides building structure and balance issues, the other major reason given for the 3R plan was an expected decline in Hamden's school population. Is that decline still predicted true two years later? I don't notice any signs of decreased population in our school or class sizes.
Can someone please walk thru the redistricting process?
Luciana McClure, Shep Glen Parent
I say we work towards fixing shepherd glen. Rally some architect firms in New Haven and more, bc this is not okay!
Olga Fedorova
To summarize our challenges:1) We have to adhere to the outdated concept that there are only two races. White and Non-White.2) Hamden is not willing to invest in renovating Shepard Glen nor guarantee preservation of the culturally diverse community that is Shepard Glen.3) We currently have very little political power to influence the future of our children’s education.What can we do to overcome these challenges? I am not willing to let the success that is Shepard Glen die off due to outdated thinking and disparity in funding for different schools.
Luciana McClure, Shep Glen Parent
Luciana McClure, Shep Glen Parent
Bye Shampa see you soon! I need to leave too.
Karen Kaplan
Visit www.hamden.org/3R to read about the 3R Initiative and view past presentations that described student population by school, possible redistricting scenarios and more
tough changes have to be made and that's understandable however it seems like the people of color and lower to middle income communities being forced to take the biggest hits. Hopefully re-districting can happen in an equitable fashion