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Discovery Lecture - Dr. Jain - Shared screen with speaker view
Duncan Smart
If you have any questions, please submit them here in the chat, and we will get to them at the end. Thanks!
Gaomin Feng
KLF-3 RNAi blocks daf-2 longevity. Does activating autophagy rescue daf-2 longevity in KLF-3 RNAi condition?
Eric Donahue (he/him)
What is structurally/functionally different about klf-1/3 vs klf-2 in c. elegans and mice, where that klf-1/3 had the lifespan phenotype, but we see this large role for klf-2 in mice? Is it simply the lack of myeloid cells in c. elegans, or is there something else?
Eric Donahue (he/him)
Or is murine klf-2 the equivalent of nematode klf-1/3?
Matthew Alexander
Do you know if there is an effect of myeloid KLF2 deficiency on blood pressure in response to angiotensin II, and might this impact the observed differences in cardiac hypertrophy/fibrosis?
Nick Markham (VUMC)
Is Klf2 suppression of macrophage activation specific to type of activation? M1 or M2?
Kris Burkewitz
In a worm without a true ‘circulatory’ system or dedicated immune cells, where do you think KLFs are functioning to regulate lifespan?
Nick Markham (VUMC)
Will intermittent fasting help me live long and prosper?