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Public transport pressures webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Mary Vine-Morris
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Mary Vine-Morris
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Jo Milsom
Morning, can I please ask about staggering start times - this means that for our dedicated minbuses that transport our students to our rural campuses, we need to run those more often - should we be able to access the additional funding via our LTA to support this?
david corke
The students on transport aren't from one cohort, doesn't that break any bubbles?
david corke
Does everyone have a point of contact in the LTA?
Jo Milsom
yes, that's another of my concerns
Greer Hill
Definitely beaks bubbles. But our LTAs are sticking very much to the guidance which unfortunately (as is always the case) applies more readily to schools, than to us
Sophie Knight
This may not be directly relevant but in relation to London a significant concern is the suspension of 16+Oyster zip. Can AOC advise of any updates on this or whether there is any aditional funding for travel support for students? Pressure on buses is likely to increase due to cost being a barrier for many.
Nicola Caiger
A contact would be really helpful - thank you
Jo Milsom
currently no contacts here with LTA - I've just managed to get a name via another contact but haven't made contact yet - was waiting to see what was said here!
Sue Marson
We have been informed by our LTA that face coverings will be mandatory, is this correct?
Sue Marson
I am referring to the dedicated services.
Greer Hill
We’ve also been told re mandatory face coverings on dedicated transport
Greer Hill
Message we have had is no face covering = no travel
Sue Marson
our services are all public services although many are dedicated
david corke
Ofsted have a duty to do this
Sophie Knight
Time frame of October half term will have a detrimental impact as learners may enrol at a college but will then not be able to attend.
Sue Marson
Can someone point me to the specific part of the guidance that refers to face coverings please on dedicated services?
Sue Marson
Thank you as we are being told mandatory.
Emma Thompson
It's just below point 5 of the 'prevention section' - https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/transport-to-school-and-other-places-of-education-autumn-term-2020/transport-to-school-and-other-places-of-education-autumn-term-2020#part-b-guidance-for-dedicated-transport-to-schools-and-other-places-of-education-for-autumn-term-2020
Roland White
what exactly can the £40m be used for?
Rachel Almeida
It is now the law that children and young people aged 11 and over must wear a face covering on public transport. This law does not apply to dedicated school transport. However, we recommend that local authorities advise people aged 11 and over to wear a face covering when travelling on dedicated school transport to secondary school or college from the start of the autumn term. This does not apply to those who are exempt from wearing a face covering on public transport. For more detail, see 5. Minimising contact and mixing.
Jo Milsom
thank you!