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Support Worker Webinar - Practice Based Education - Shared screen with speaker view
Catherine Chappell
Thank you Jack
Catherine Chappell
A few queries on recording and slides coming through. The recording and slides that we have permission to share will be available online ASAP at www.csp.org.uk/swwebinars - alongside others from the wider 2021 series of CSP webinars on the support workforce
Catherine Chappell
Go to www.menti.com and use the code 6057 7273https://www.menti.com/1hmgg4qb12
Catherine Chappell
We hope tonight has given you a good flavour of how important the CSP believe the support workforce is to the physiotherapy profession.If you like what you see, then become part of our community – become a CSP Associate member.To become an associate member is easy: Visit www.csp.org.uk/associate and follow the ‘how to join’ steps or call 020 7306 6666