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Michael Estrin
James Gregg (Intel)
This is the raw md from the template we used to use```# TITLEDate: YYYY-MM-DD## Status: Proposed## ContextWrite the context for the decision here.## Business ImplicationsIdentify any known business implications that arise from this decision. Identify the business owner (if known) and if s/he has signed off?.## DecisionDecision here...## ConsequencesConsequences of _making_ the decision go here...## Questions Answered* [Question answered by ADR](Link to Question)## References* Important or notable references* ...*
Michael Estrin
The RFC Editor assigns each RFC a serial number. Once assigned a number and published, an RFC is never rescinded or modified; if the document requires amendments, the authors publish a revised document. Therefore, some RFCs supersede others; the superseded RFCs are said to be deprecated, obsolete, or obsoleted by the superseding RFC. Together, the serialized RFCs compose a continuous historical record of the evolution of Internet standards and practices. The RFC process is documented in RFC 2026 (The Internet Standards Process, Revision 3).[19]