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TrueDil Webinar: The True Value of Intangible Assets - Shared screen with speaker view
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Can everyone change their name into the format of First Name + Last Name please, so we can address you correctly in the Q&A round
Belinda Wong
For those intangible assets which do not have some kind of market practice in valuing them, will this delay the buyer / seller agreement of their value? Hence, delay in concluding the deal or even destroy the deal? Belinda Wong
Roy McFarlane
how does a business account for intangibles when they are preparing for sale.Can this be done after the fact - in a similar way to R&D tax credit evaluation?
Roy McFarlane
Yes thanks Charles
Jamie Robinson
If assets all depreciate, and in-house software systems are assets; what model can you use for the depreciation in value of these software systems? Obviously these systems don’t “wear out” in the same was as physical assets… Jamie Robinson - Mashoom
Helen Tanner
What is your experience of valuing data as an asset?
Helen Tanner
Thank you
Thank you!