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IEEE CCWC 2021- D4 KEYNOTE - Shared screen with speaker view
ST Vuong
Please, feel free to type in your questions here which will be answered by the speaker during the QA period after the presentation.
Nikesh Singh
don't you think Algorithms have a potential in combating fake news on social media, but the lack of proper problem definition can lead towrong, insufficient and erroneous results?
Satyajit Chakrabarti
Can you detect lies from normal conversation or writeups? How much accuracy can you achive at present?
Rajashree Paul Technical CoChair CCWC
Hi Dr. Hirschberg, is there any risk to create educated/informed liers?
Salwan Obaid Waheed Khafaji
Can you share the screen please?
Julia Hirschberg
rajashree, a good question. if people aren’t good at detecting lies they aren’t going to be good at producing successful ones either, but…. if we teach them to detect are we also teaching them to produce? is it worth the risk? our overall goal is to offer support to people who need to detect lies for social good, like police, govt, insurers, financial people, etc. right now the training they have access to (mostly John Reid and Assoc.) does not do a correct job of this, as we found when we took their courses. but the only way to find out if we are doing a good job right now is doing this on AMT. but you’re right, we probably just want to use this game to learn but not to make it available to people in general. a real conundrum :-(
ST Vuong
Please, feel free to type in your questions here which will be answered by the speaker during the QA period after the presentation.
ST Vuong
Thanks, Julia, for the continuing very clear and thoughtful answer.
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Prof. Aymen Zreikat
Can u give the link for the May conference please