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Tamara Landscape Partnership Scheme Launch & TVAONB Annual Forum - Shared screen with speaker view
James Luxton
Hello, everyone. Luxton from the Tamara Landscape Partnership Scheme here, I’m really looking forward to meeting you today and sharing the video and presentation.
David Scott
FYI I am writing a book on the beauty of the Tamar, past (Turner et al … to present (AONB founding.
Valerie Darwall
Hi David. Your book sounds excellent. When do you hope to publish?
Ian Smith - Food Plymouth
Great event. Thanks everyone. Must go to another event at 12 Noon. Contact me via ianmsmith1.5@gmail.com or speak with my Food Plymouth core team colleagues Sophie Paterson and Tess Wilmot who are on this call. Thank you.
Sammie Coryton - Pentillie
There seems to be a definite requirement for a directory of all interested parties in the Tamara project. I'd love to know a bit more about everyone and how to contact them... So many interesting people with so much to offer on this call! This is my permission for my contact details to be shared... rather than you having to sift through a ton of emails.
Robert Price
Tamar Catchment Partnership can be found at www.my-Tamar.org
Debo Sellis
Many thanks. I look forward to working with residents, schools and groups to help . Well done chairman & everyone
Martha Boalch
Thanks to all the speakers, so much food for thought!
Chrissie Le Marchant
Meur Ras, thank you...looking forward to getting involved
Cllr. Martin Worth
Thank you all Very informative Cllr Martin Worth - Cornwall Council
Amy Hurn
Thank you so much - really good morning and look forward to getting involved
Amanda Pugh
Really great presentation from all ...thank you Amanda
Helen Ryan
thank you all, a great morning
Andrew Thompson
Thank you for such an informative and interesting morning.
Anna Baldock
Thank you very much, really interesting
Jane Dymock Gibson
Thank you to all