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APPD/APA PHM Leadership SIG Confronting Racism Virtual Cafe: Needs Assessment Brainstorming Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Becky Blankenburg
Ed, thanks for sharing that. Makes me think that our Confronting Racism Action Team should share all the great work that is underway in the 15 work groups, across APPD/COMSEP/CoPS/AMSPDC/APA. Meanwhile, what has been most effective or what could be most effective with this series?
Becky Blankenburg
So we engage even more in this work?
Nicole Washington
Same Tye. Appreciate you sharing.
Tyree Winters
Thanks Nicole and so true Michael!
Dr. Z UConn interim PD (he/him)
We have to pursue more than one shiny object at a time. It's microaggressions, loneliness, tokenism and over-demand as representatives of the oppressed etc. Let's attack on all fronts at once.
Francisco Alvarez
How to hardwire it into the system?
Jennifer Trainor (she/her)
Can I ask about the role of bias reporting mechanisms and if they have worked or not at your institutions? And how they are perceived?
Wendla Sensing (she/her)
We have had micro aggressions reported the most which has allowed great conversation and growth within our program
Nicole Washington
We have an internal system as well at CHOP for microaggression reporting within the residency, it’s new, started about a year and a half ago
Linda Aponte-Patel (she, her)
We are rolling a Peds BE SAFE (Bias in Environment) for residents at Columbia. It is separate from the hospital system. This is mean to capture good and and, reviewed monthly by VCE, PD, Chief residents, and quarterly by steering committee
Linda Aponte-Patel (she, her)
Good and bad
Rhonda Acholonu (she/her)
We are currently developing our reporting system which is being modeled after a mistreatment reporting form in a similar way that medical students complete this kind of form as required by the LCME. It will include questions about bias, microaggressions, etc. We, like Jennifer, are not connecting it to our safety reporting system.
Wendla Sensing (she/her)
Yes! Agree with Nicole, this is exactly why we made it internal. Our residents did not feel safe reporting to the larger hospital-wide reporting system
Tyler Smith
Friendly suggestion if people do not already have this with their respective reporting system is to create a QR code to make it easier for making a report. This was recommended by our students with reporting posters in student and trainee spaces and has also helped with the ease of the reporting process.
Adrian Zurca (he/his/him)
Our faculty and trainees are more ethnically/racially diverse compared to the rest of the hospital staff (e.g. nurses). One of the biggest challenges I have faced is trying to figure out how to deal with racist attitudes from nurses towards trainees/patients since they are in a different hierarchy. Any advice on this?
Dr. Z UConn interim PD (he/him)
Our residents have asked for an ombudsman, outside the system, through which they can communicate protected from retribution.
Aisha Barber (she/ her)
I agree that there are advantages to both internal and external systems. Adrian's question is the reason why we have tried the route first that's external to our department. Have the different approaches been published? It could be helpful to others to hear about different approaches.
Jennifer Trainor (she/her)
Adrian--we have this same issue. Part of what we are trying to address.
Tyree Winters
I will bring that up soon Adrian or feel free to unmute
Nicole Washington
Great question Aisha, I don’t know if the different approaches have been published
Dr. Z UConn interim PD (he/him)
Should we create a white paper to present the available models and the evidence that each does or does not work?
Tyree Winters
I agree Aisha, I think that would be a great for the taskforce to try and address that question
Francisco Alvarez
I like that idea. 🙂
Tyler Smith
@Adrian, have there been discussions or open forums with nurses, residents, fellows, and faculty? From my own experience in residency, I felt that the way some of the nurses treated residents was based on the behavior they saw from the fellows and attendings toward residents.
Rhonda Acholonu (she/her)
Agreed - great idea.
Linda Aponte-Patel (she, her)
Thank you for this session. Sorry to have to leave.
Francisco Alvarez
“If gold rusts, what will iron do?”
Francisco Alvarez
If attendings model poor behavior, what would be expected of residents and medical students?
Nicole Washington
Same as Jennifer, we have engaged nursing leaders when we have received reports in regards to inappropriate interactions with nurses and it has been positive, but don’t know if it has trickled down
Rhonda Acholonu (she/her)
We are having the same issue so we are going to try and have “walk rounds” where some of us walk to the floors and find NAs, PCTs, staff nursing, etc to find out how things REALLY are on the floors.
Nicole Washington
Great point Dr. Z
Eyad Hanna (he/him)
Reporting – one approach that could be leveragedhttps://www.vumc.org/patient-professional-advocacy/cors-programThere’s been a lot of focus on recognizing implicit bias in ourselves but I haven’t seen how to teach learners to discuss this with patients/families. I’m thinking something like this toolkit to respond to patient harassment that our Director of DEI for the institution modified to be more general about identity based harassment from patients/families.https://eyerounds.org/index.htmEyad Hanna, M.D., M.M.E.he/him/his (what is this?)Clinical Associate ProfessorAssociate Director, Pediatric Residency ProgramFacilitator, Provider Communication ProgramDivision of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Pancreatology and NutritionUniversity of Iowa Stead Family Department of Pediatrics
Tyler Smith
Could next steps for the group be to provide people with specific strategies to manage the topics discussed. A white paper would also be great.
Jennifer Trainor (she/her)
think the second link is not what you intended...
Dr. Z UConn interim PD (he/him)
Thank you for a good starting place. Once you review all this, we need action plan(s).
Megan Aylor
best part of my day :)
Nicole Washington
Great idea Tyler!
Becky Blankenburg
Thanks all! This was a great discussion!