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New Earth Class 1014 - Shared screen
Hannah Strangways
ive been feeling it surrounding love. its hard for me to believe love will surround me from the outside and inside bec that isn't how it was before.
Hannah Strangways
it is the same for finances
Hannah Strangways
ive been feeling it all coming in. then all of a sudden i felt in the last few days my logic going hey "that can't happen"
Hannah Strangways
"i am ready for magic, miracles, and blessings"
Hannah Strangways
yeah my car needed emergency repairs and instead of falling into unsafety and survival mode. i just said ok this is just another step but whatever is supposed to come through will be even better
Hannah Strangways
i was trying to get rid of the car lol and move on. so i was surprised i needed to repair first.