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The PALAC Project - Promoting the Achievement of Looked After Children Michael Bettencourt, Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Inclusive Education (CIE) at UCL Institute of Education. - Shared screen with speaker view
Pete Douglas
I find the idea that tuition has been seen as one of the best supports confusing as in three years of offering tuition as one of the key mechanisms to support our learners (VS) we have seen little impact in overall outcomes for our CLA. Has the research found that specific types of tuition or a set up support progress more effectively.
Barry Sullivan
Good question. Most evidence-based approaches to learning do not tend to support isolated, weekly approaches (which is how I assume tutoring is delivered).
Victoria Betts
Many thanks for sharing the case studies etc. Really useful too hear what is happening in other virtual schools.
Barry Sullivan
Thank you!
Steve Duthie
Can checklist referred to be shared as a guide?
sue denholm
thank you Michael very interesting and I will definitely be talking to my Senior EP about this!