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Junior College Night - Shared screen with speaker view
Denise Shivnarain
Should SATs be taken in junior year?
Elizabeth Galletta
Can you read the questions? I do not see them
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There is no specific time to take these exams. Most students take the SAT's in the Spring of their Junior year.
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Yes, all schools accepts both. Which one is better for them is very individual. There are practice exams available on each of the sites - they can take a look at the questions and the layout to see which one they feel is better for them. We can speak to you about that more specifically in our junior meetings.
Elizabeth Galletta
how are out of state applicants viewed for state schools?
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University of Michigan a little more selective but overall fairly even. University of Albany - admissions criteria the same and many do come from outside of the state of NY. U of Delaware - 70% of out of state and 30% in state - welcome them and admissions criteria the same.