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Ethical Issues for COVID 19 Policy: Personal, Professional, and Societal - Shared screen with speaker view
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Michael Flaherty
A few years ago (1980) I had the opportunity to study at Duquesne University with Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist who survived the holocast and concentration camps. Among many things he taught us we don't always choose our difficulties, but we do have the freedom to select our responses. Life's meaning, he taught, comes from three things: our work and actions - especially in crisis; our love in the face of fear; and the courage to face any suffering and fear.
Jay Geisler
I have found these to helpful to those with emotional or mental health issues. Unfortunately we don't have enough meetings yet in Pittsburgh. They have some virtual meetings now. I am hoping to get more started.
Juan Sosa
Great presentation. Thank you!
Mohona Sadhu
Thank you everyone!