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You’re Invited! Open Distributed Infrastructure Management (ODIM)- Formation Invitation Kickoff! - Shared screen with speaker view
Jens Kristian Kjaergaard, Ericsson
Kelvin Edmison (Nokia)
Thank you for launching this. I have to drop but I look forward to the recording and the slides.
Kenny Paul (LFN)
NOTE: none of this material has a restricted distribution. The notification notice is an artifact of the slide template used.
Alexander Vul (Intel)
Good point, Kenny!
Al Morton (AT&T)
Thanks Kenny, I saw that...
Ranny Haiby (Samsung)
Question: When creating this type of “translation layer” there are two common challenges (1) How not to dumb-down the northbound API based on the lowest common denominator of the southbound API? (2) What is the single-source-of-truth for things like inventory, event history, etc.? How do you see ODIM dealing with those?
Rafal Sztejna (Intel)
Hi Ranny, there will be time for discussion after end of the presentation. Let me try to answer some of your questions: ODIM is based on Redfish data model. All underlying HW (Servers, etc) exposes their version of either RF or other interface (IPMI) while ODIM Resource Aggregator plugin layer will translate into common ODIM RF model that is tied to specific RF version. Plugin has to make sure the translation is provided to offer its properties on NB of Resource Aggregator service. This common model on NB of Resource Aggregator is single source of truth for inventory.
Rafal Sztejna (Intel)
Q: How not to dumb-down the northbound API? Answer: Intent based API added on NB Of ODIM: e.g. Constrained Composition API that allows Admin/Orchestrator to provide characteristics of server to be allocated while ODIM will satisfy such request.
Bob Monkman (Intel)
Folks, please send in your questions into the chat window here and we will ge tthem answered
Tomas Fredberg (Ericsson)
Automation is essential in Cloud and the aim for intent based network configuration from ODIM is also good, but why don´t ODIM aim for some existing switch vendor accepted/acceptable open model e.g. OpenConfig, potentially scaled down, for the exposed intent configuration
Antonios (Red Hat)
Can we get a link to recording and slides?