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Embracing Neurodiversity: The Future of Talent Management - Shared screen with speaker view
Katy Yoder
Increased engagement, inclusivity, talent management scopes as well
Emily Thompson
To help our managers manage their teams in the way they want to be managed and get the best out of them.
Kara Colangelo
It is included as a pillar in our DEI landscape. We see the value in diversity of thought, and look for better opportunities to support our neurodivergent employees.
Josh Bancroft
Amen for seeing neurodivergent people in ALL roles! Representation shows people that there is a place for them to belong, and that really matters to someone who spends a lot of time feeling like an outsider.
Katy Yoder
I also see that there are variances in leadership styles some of which are more consultative vs. managerial in a neurodiverse capacity
Áine Maher
well done all! great session!
Katy Yoder
Thanks to you all, excellent session!