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Norwich Institute for Healthy Aging - Initial Partner Symposium - Shared screen with speaker view
Farrel O'Keeffe
Welcome to the NIHA initial partner symposium!We encourage use of the chat box, but please can you ensure that any direct questions for our speakers are added to the Q&A box and not here.
Farrel O'Keeffe
Don't forget that you can move the box with webcams on the right if its covering the slides! You can also choose to hide-non active speakers
Farrel O'Keeffe
Chairs and Speakers for session 1 and 2 will be added to the panel in the first comfort break at 1:40. If you are a speaker please ensure your name is correctly displayed so I can identify you and bring you onto the panel.
Farrel O'Keeffe
Just a reminder that any questions should go into the Q&A box, a few questions will be answered after each talk if there is time!
N Steel
Thankyou Nadia. Could you say a little more about the key elements of the whole systems approach to obesity in Heartsease?
Farrel O'Keeffe
Session 3 is a poster session – please can everyone join us on padlet now: https://padlet.com/swest116/NIHAPosters
Farrel O'Keeffe
See you back here at 3:20!
Farrel O'Keeffe
If you have any questions for our session 4 speakers please put them in the Q&A box and if there is time the speakers can answer a few at the end of their talks!
Farrel O'Keeffe
We'll be extending this break so we'll start the final session at 4!
Farrel O'Keeffe
We'll be taking questions in the chat box or using the raise hand function in this session
Farrel O'Keeffe
In this session we'll be taking questions by voice as well as text. If you have a question please raise your hand as I can allow you to speak to the panel directly.
Ian Clark
Thanks everyone, organisers, panellists and attendees!