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Reimagining mobility in Melbourne after COVID-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Hulya Gilbert
Can't remember who said this but it nicely fits into the current situation in terms of the opportunities to improve non-car modes: DON'T WASTE A GOOD CRISIS!
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
We have 33 people in our e-networking who should now be able to see in the gallery view.Please feel free to turn your audio and camera on and join in the chat.Thanks
Richard Hannah
Our company Neuron has operated shared e-scooters in Brisbane during the pandemic, and assisted riders with safe essential travel across the City. Some very interesting findings from some survey’s we have run of our users in Brisbane :)
Al Noble
The costs are so minor compared to some of the major road costs (or even just road maintenance) around melbourne. We have found 50% of people traveling to stations in the south east are from within 3km yet we spend $15m on new carparks rather than bike networks
E-ROOM Committee for Melbourne
Thank you for joining in today.We have recorded all comments and questions and will provide a summary along with the recording and survey in an email which you will receive in the following week.Enjoy your day.
Alexander Law
Thank you for the discussion!
Clive Dwyer
great forum, well done all.