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Last In Line: Racism and the History of Public Health - Shared screen with speaker view
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
Hello Everyone! Please introduce yourself and where you’re from here in the chatroom.
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
I’m Linda Norris. Senior Specialist for Methodology and Practice here at Sites of Conscience.
john diefenderfer
John Diefenderfer, NYS Archives.
Ashley Nelson
I am Ashley Nelson, Communications Director at the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
Ed Tepporn
Good morning everyone. Ed zooming in from the Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation in the San Francisco Bay Area
Alan Kraut
Good Morning, I am Alan Kraut, professor of history at American University in Washington. I teach courses in immigration history and in the history of medicine and public health.
Michelle Nash
Michelle Nash, Elkhart County Historical Museum in Bristol, IN
Angi Williams
Hi everyone, I'm Angi and I'm the Communications Associate at the International Coalition of Sites of Conscience.
Kirby Ross
Hello everyone! My name is Kirby. I'm tuning in from Halifax, Nova Scotia (the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21).
Nezka Pfeifer
Hello! I'm Nezka Pfeifer, Museum Curator at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.
Annette Carter
Good morning, I am Annette, Volunteer Services Manager at Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 in Halifax, NS (Mi'kma'ki)
Alan Kraut
I am currently chairing the History Advisory Committee of the Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation. I work closely with the Park Service. I was also a consultant to the Tenement House Museum in New York.
International Coalition of Sites of Conscience
If you have comments or questions, please feel free to share here in the chat box.
Daniel Manyasi
I'm shocked that health-care discrimination can actually be documented.... Ed's presentation gives us an excuse to tell an historic injustice done to Pumwani - a community that was used as 'home of comfort' for World War(s) soldiers (something similar to the Japanese and the Geishas. Not a distant-past, the same community was and is still used for HIV/AIDS vaccine testing by John Hopkins and other international institutions. Being a poor community, they mind much the goodies offered but neither the contracts or health-risks involved.
Michelle Nash
I see Emlyn's point about fundamental change, because it does feel like we, as a field, are really just starting to realize the scope of our participation in support of the social systems built on inequity. Are we really trusted organizations?
Daniel Manyasi
Yes indeed, Linda!
Mark Osborne
Thanks Michelle. That's exactly what I was thinking. Switch 'public health' with 'museums' and you have the same issues of trust and inclusion.
john diefenderfer
thanks everyone for great presentations and conversation
Braden Paynter
I'm curious, one thing I've learned from listening to sites is where there is oppression there is also resistance and survival. As we think about these injustices, how should we also understand the resistance and survival that get missed or underestimated as outside groups seek to engage with the injustice?
Alan Kraut
Must leave to teach. Excellent session. Thanks!
Ashley Nelson
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