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Stay In The Game Introductory Webinar - Shared screen with speaker view
Daniel Masters
hey, my names Daniel and I work with Scottish Sports Futures a charity that uses the power of sport through educational programmes to support the health and wellbeing of young people and families
Alexandra Chalat
Attendees can share here any examples of where you’ve seen sport play a role in addressing mental wellness in this time. Any examples of inspiration or practical action.
Daniel Masters
Scottish sports futures has a partnership with SAMH to help support the mental health and wellbeing of its participants and in addition to using young mental health ambassadors to deliver workshops
Radha Balani - Beyond Sport
Please do submit your questions for any of our speakers via the Q&A tab
Mohanned Al-arabiat
We each have our own read of how COVID19 will impact sports, but from an NGO’s perspective using sports at the grassroots level, it would be very helpful to hear if the speakers have any insights regarding Post-COVID engagement with sports at the grassroots.
Mohanned Al-arabiat
Apologies, should have posted that to Q&A.
Kelsey Erickson - USA Cycling
Fred Turner - Beyond Sport
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Daniel Masters
on that recent question about post covid 19 all we can do is plan for various possible outcomes but to ensure that we control the controlables
Alexandra Chalat
Mohanned we will also be addressing this question specifically on a deeper level at our Beyond Sport Community Chat on April 9 - so be sure to take part in that,
Daniel Masters
for others seeking to maintain their athletes engagement there is virtual learning but in addition to that there is app that you can download on your phone to stay in contact and post workouts, practices and other relevant information to your team
Robert Smith
The Youth Sports Collaborative Network in the U.S. has up COVID-19 Youth Sports Resource Center that has grassroots nonprofits explaining how they are engaging virtually with their kids. Go to www.youthsportscollaborative.org/covid-19-resource
Mohanned Al-arabiat