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Seattle Boat Show LIVE - Shared screen with gallery view
Bob Lindal
Bob Lindal
T-Mobile is great except in Alaska. Data is extremely limited in Alaska and no way to buy more. I use ATT or GCI SIM cards in my phone or ipad
Sarah Dziuk
How is T-Mobile in the San Juan’s?
Peter Schrappen
We are hearing from you at home that T-Mobile works well in the San Juans. From Mike: T-Mobile has over 40 towers in SanJuans. Vs ATT which only has 2 towers there
Glen Wagner
I don’t want to stream videos…. I just want to obtain Environment Canada and US Marine Weather Report’s when I’m in remote anchorages located in the inside passage…. what technology do I need?
Gregory Pena
What is the coverage throuhout the boat for the Peplink Transit? Do you need to stay close to the transmitter with your devices?
Peter Schrappen
Recording that Doug mentioned from a previous Seattle Boat Show Live on sat: https://zoom.us/rec/play/x5F-r8Pj8D6yB9e0t0kxrTDgpOcLbdlwDFlmjLPIPEPGNIv1SrD1KLTINKIYl8isX2-JdV2wM64rM1B_.XVydRcWuJewRNNqO?continueMode=true