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AB 617 Consultation Group Subcommittee Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
Corin Choppin
If you are having technical issues you can either send me a chat or text me at 916-606-9609
Trish Johnson
Meeting materials available at: https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/resources/fact-sheets/subcommittee-meeting-assembly-bill-617-consultation-group
Ed Ward
Trish thank you for providing this information
Trish Johnson
John Balmes email: john.balmes@ucsf.edu
CARB-Christal Love-Lazard
I think this is the resource Luis is speaking about https://trackingcalifornia.org/cms/file/imperial-air-project/guidebook
S - Cathy Reheis-Boyd
I really like under the Participation Agreement under Leadership and Accountability "Identifying obstacles to achieving the goal and develop solutions to overcome them." If every member agrees to this, seems like a good foundation to resolve issues or conflicts that might arise. Love the best practices point that Luis brought up.
S - Shayda Azamian
Just a process question (and apologies if I missed this info in the beginning!) - after discussion of this first bucket today, what are the next concrete steps and timeline to update language?
S - Shayda Azamian
We can also save this for discussion later in this meeting (so as not to interrupt the current topic). I feel a next step for CARB to take soon would be to share some options for updated and improved language in all the areas that have been discussed so far to the subcommittee. Ideally, using the comprehensive conversation and feedback communities have submitted regarding the program for the past 1+ year.
Ariel Ambruster
Hi, Shayda - Kurt from CARB did ask the Subcommittee if they can get to consensus on specific concepts or langauge, then CARB can start to write those items up as draft language to bring back.
S - Shayda Azamian
Wonderful, thanks! I had to step away for a sec and missed this.
S - Janet Whittick
I apologize for using jargon and acronyms!!!!
CARB - Vernon Hughes
Richard Grow letter: https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/sites/default/files/2020-08/CG%20Recommendation%20CRATitleVI_11135.pdf
Trish Johnson
EPA’s Environmental JusticeCollaborative Problem-Solving Model: https://www.epa.gov/sites/production/files/2016-06/documents/cps-manual-12-27-06.pdf
S - Cathy Reheis-Boyd
Is training on the regulatory and legislative process beneficial to communities from a points of engagement into the process perspective?
Matt Holmes
the YEHI curriculum is great
S - Janet Whittick
Agree with Luis in keeping training recommendations and resources as a “living document” so that people can update it as new resources are identified.
Matt Holmes
I have copies
Matt Holmes
the tracking California folks provided them
Matt Holmes
I'd be happy to distribute but it's kind of Luis's intellectual property
Matt Holmes
yes! communities should be training each other
S - Luis Olmedo
CARB-Brian Moore
Here is some information on one, of many, plain language initiatives out there. Some of these principles could be incorporated into outreach materials.https://centerforplainlanguage.org/
S - Luis Olmedo
Training will required for anyone who is seeking participation and or funding from AB617.
S - Luis Olmedo
Including but not limited (CARB, Air Districts, Community Organizations, Residents, Stakeholders…)
S - Luis Olmedo
Code of conduct: CARB and Air Districts will not use their authority, experience or programs to impose their will.
Trish Johnson
1. The Blueprint needs to reflect a partnership between the ARB, the districts, and the communities and build mechanisms throughout that ensure that the process and products fully reflect this partnership. Communities need to be considered and treated as authors of the products and conveners of the process.
Trish Johnson
2. The Blueprint needs to better serve the needs of all parties for creating shared understanding and information resources using principles such as those for co-creation of knowledge that spans the expertise of the ARB, the districts, and the communities without setting any above the others. As the communities shoulder the burden to understand the way that the ARB and districts understands air pollution and health and think it should be addressed, the ARB and districts should shoulder the burden to understand the way that the communities understand air pollution and health and think it should be addressed. The process should be designed to reflect the blending of the two perspectives to create the best results and not one over the other.
Trish Johnson
3. The technical elements of the Blueprint should be scrutinized in light of the experience in the first rounds of planning to determine where the technical elements contributed to progress and where they did not. The Blueprint incorporates a lot of existing methods that were not designed nor intended to address community scale impacts. Evaluation of how well they worked and what they contributed is needed Alternative approaches that are faster, cheaper, and easier to understand should be considered. An effort should be made to design a process that can be completed in a shorter rather than longer time period (one year?) to reduce the burden on community members and delay in addressing pollution.
Trish Johnson
4. The Blueprint should be better tied to the data systems and platforms of the ARB and the districts so that community assessment and planning can be scaled up to address all impacted communities within a reasonable time frame, perhaps five to ten years. (It may be that other data systems and platforms may also be relevant here.)
Denise Mccoy
I do not see where community is being protected from the racism inherent to this process. Communities without strong EJ groups BEFORE AB617 are the ones that really being discriminated against. There has to be enforcement - some kind of recourse to address violations to the Blueprint.
Ed Ward
Luis well thought comment thank you
S - Luis Olmedo
Where is the Sacramento Charter?
CARB-Brian Moore
I believe this is the latest version of the Florin-Sacramento Charter.http://www.airquality.org/AB617/Documents/Steering%20Committee%20Charter_Final.pdf
Denise Mccoy
I want to state that there are different stakeholders but we are not all in this together - some of us are sick and dying. Everything needs to be looked at through that lens.
CARB-Brian Moore
There are also draft charter ammendments posted on the Florin-Sacramento webpage.http://www.airquality.org/AB617/Documents/DRAFT%20AMENDED%20CHARTER.pdf
Karen Buckley (CARB)
In addition - The Florin- Sacramento CSC is working on major revisions to their charter right now.
S - Luis Olmedo
Its Clear there are not enough dollars, But there are dollars.
S - Amy D Kyle
I am going to try to draft something about the stuff that does not have a place in the existing plan framework. For consideration.
Ariel Ambruster
Thanks, Amy - that would be great!
S - Luis Olmedo
thanks Amy
Jonathan Pruitt- Catholic Charities
Thank you everyone! Have a great weekend
S - Amy D Kyle
are we doing costumes?