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Understanding Your Property Appraisal - Shared screen with speaker view
Helen Cheever
With property flippers asking premium prices for high-demand neighborhoods, isn't this taxing long-established homeowners in these older neighborhoods? How do you adjust assessments for these types of sales?
Helen Cheever
Would it stand to reason that if the property is not repaired, it would continue to depreciate as the years progressed? In other words, would the value of the home continue to decrease every year since the condition worsens as time passes?
Susan Breidenbach
My elderly neighbors have never protested and probably didn't understand about exemptions for many years. Can exemptions be applied retroactively and freeze values rolled back?
Susan Breidenbach
Will commercial properties still be allowed not to pay their fair share of taxes? This shifts the burden to homeowners.
Robin Foster
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KC’s iPad
will this recording be available? and where
Betty Eckert
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