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Electric Home New Construction 101: Envelope, Mechanicals, Solar, Incentive - Shared screen with gallery view
Katie Kaluzny, Illinois Green Alliance
Thanks for joining! We will get started in a few minutes!
Katie Kaluzny, Illinois Green Alliance
Thank you all again for joining! We have many attendees in this session, so all attendees are on mute and unable to share video. Please place any questions to our panelists here in the chat or the Q&A feature in zoom.
Katie Kaluzny, Illinois Green Alliance
We will field questions after all of the panelists have finished their presentations. A recording of this webinar will be shared in the next few days.
Maria Bartlett
I cannot hear her very well
Mike Schaefer, Mitsubishi Electric
Heat pumps utilize R410A refrigerant. That will be changing in the coming years due to evolving EPA regulations.
maria maria
i want to know about solar for all
Mike Schaefer, Mitsubishi Electric
Yes, Mitsubishi has CO2 refrigerant units overseas. Not sure if CO2 as a primary refrigerant will ever be the norm here in the US. The industry will be forced to adjust to a new refrigerant soon, but I don't foresee that being CO2.
Annalise Dum
the Google Project Sunroof is a great product! awesome to check out your own home or share with your neighbors.
Maria Bartlett
What about on cedar shingle roofs? Such an added expense to replace with asphalt....
Lisa Albrecht, All Bright Solar
One option if you are committed to cedar shingle is to perhaps put asphalt shingles under the array and then go with the cedar in the visible locations. that can solve some of the potential mold issues from moisture under the array
Air Barrier Association of America ABAA
Katie Kaluzny, Illinois Green Alliance
ComEd Service Provider directory for residential incentives: ComEdRebates.com/FindaEEServiceProvider
Maria Bartlett
Sstill hard tohear Kellen...can she get closer to the mic?
Katie Kaluzny, Illinois Green Alliance
Learn more about the ComEd programs discussed today here: https://www.comed.com/WaysToSave/ForYourBusiness/Pages/NewConstruction.aspx?utm_source=vanityurl&utm_medium=brochure&utm_campaign=electrichomesnewconstruction&utm_content=feb20