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Session #3 Volunteer Training CERA Landlord/Tenant - Shared screen with gallery view
Julie Van Hove, Detroit Bar Association
All participants will receive a certificate of attendance. The recording and PowerPoint will be provided to attendees and will be posted on the Detroit Bar Pro Bono Gateway. www.detroitlawyer.org/probono
John Sier
More links will be added, but the general BSEED link is: https://detroitmi.gov/departments/buildings-safety-engineering-and-environmental-department/bseed-divisions/property-maintenance/rental-property/certificate-compliance
Julie Van Hove, Detroit Bar Association
Reminder, please put your questions in the Q&A, we are not able to respond to raised hands in the structure of this presentation. Thank you!
William Richards
Are there forms we can use for the conditional dismissals?