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Financing Forests February - Shared screen with speaker view
Julie Reichert-Nguyen
For investors, how do they profit? Is it from the interest rates on the loans if using a financing option?
Laura Stein
How do fees-in-lieu set by governments (for example, county-determined fees-in-lieu in forest conservation) fit in with the private banking model?
Julia Flanagan
Following up on how investors profit... who would be interested in purchasing credits from a forestry bank?
Julia Flanagan
Are you saying that a developer purchasing phosphorus credits can purchase those credits from a forest bank and not just from a wetland bank?
Julia Flanagan
Can a forestry bank be harvested in the future?
Anne Hairston-Strang
How do banks and pay for success projects find good locations? We are hearing many complaints now about stream restoration projects that have located on easy-to-administer sites (but not highest erosion rate) that are taking out CREP buffers and mature forest and not reforesting well.
Alexander Dennis
Can different ecosystem services produced by a bank be sold to different buyers? Phosphorus credits to one, carbon credits to another for example?
Laura Stein
Can you clarify again who/what entities are typically responsible for verification long-term?
Katie Walker
GIS analysis for prioritizing pay for performance practices is one way to go about locating high-quality sites...
Mark Hoffman
Does there need to be a regulatory driver to create the need for a finance market?
Julia Flanagan
Can a forestry bank be harvested in the future?