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IEEE SA Ballot Update: IEEE P2800 - Shared screen with speaker view
Gustavo Brunello
there is an IEEE SA email inviting to joint the ballot comment review team. Is this available for everybody or only from the WG members?
Gustavo Brunello
who is responsible for the RPA and POI piece?, developer or the system operator. Or in other terms, where developer responsibility starts
Mahesh Morjaria
Gustavo … these are interface requirements … so the plant owner is responsible to meet the requirements at RPA or POI
Evelyn Butler
Michele, do you want to ask what IEEE members should do now to be able to get the ballot prior to March 4.
Evelyn Butler
oops, nvm michele, that's what I was thinking about asking :-)
Michele Mihelic
sorry Evelyn, was distracted for a split second on an email. It is all good.