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Rural City Information Exchange: Educational Webinar: Water/Drought - Shared screen with speaker view
Christina George
Reminder to please mute your sounds and notifications everyone
Christina George
And, to turn off your camera and mute when not speaking.
Steven Rogers
Will the state be providing grant funding to local governments who operate small water systems for grass turf removal programs. Most of us don't have financial capacity to help in these areas such as the decorative turf ban?
Christina George
Hi Steven - please plug this question into the Q&A box.
Susan Kim
Can you provide us with some speaking points to reconcile State goals for new housing construction with the water shortage?
Dominick Casey
Any updates on moving forward on reservoirs more quickly, like Sites Reservoir? Thank you.
Christina George
Hi Susan - please place this question in the Q&A box.
Christina George
Hello Dominick - please place this question in the Q&A box.
Brian Sanders
Residential turf replacement programs have been pretty successful and we welcome more funding for that. However, turf replacement and WUE upgrades in the Commercial and Industrial sectors is a tough nut to crack. Targeted state messaging would be greatly appreciated!
Secretary Wade Crowfoot
Workshop for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional (CII) hosted by DWR: Tuesday, July 19 from 9AM-12 noon. More information at wue@water.ca.gov
Education Team
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