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AAGP Journal Club Meeting - Daniel Jimenez PhD - Shared screen with speaker view
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Please put any questions in the chat for Dr. Jimenez. If time permits questions will be covered at the end of the session. Thank you!
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Read Dr. Jimenez's Article:
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Maureen Nash
Although not a question, I can report that some of the Asian Americans I have treated in the Pacific NW have significant challenges verbalizing using my psychiatric language
Maureen Nash
I have to use person centered language and kind of develop my own dictionary - when Pt A talks about being tired it is really about MDD....etc
Maureen Nash
I had the husband of a patient (he was a cardiologist) - they were both of Chinese heritage- He actually told me that no one in China had MDD as far as he knew.
David Steffens
Thanks for a terrific presentation! I have to hop off to get to another meeting.
maria hussain
Thank you for a wonderful presentation and I really enjoyed reading your paper. Are you doing any work with the indigenous population or have any pearls around approach and language?
Maureen Nash
How can we develop a community of practitioners who can share challenges and successes working with various populations? How can we engage members of populations that have been misrepresented or harmed to help us all do better?
maria hussain
Thank you