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RI Commerce Destination Adaption Summit - Accommodations Industry - Shared screen with speaker view
Patricia McAlpine
Hi everyone, I am here from Blackstone Valley Tourism Council as Marketing Assoc and former Sales Manager at the Hampton Inn in Pawtucket
KSA: David Bradley
Hi Patricia! Thank you for joining us!
KSA: Steven Donlan
If you have a question for our panelists, feel free to enter it into the chat here. We will do our best to get to all.
KSA: Steven Donlan
Hi Patricia! Thank you for joining today!
Patricia McAlpine
That all sounds good, but many hoteliers are dealing with Brands and outside management groups that are doing some of the same things. Sometimes too many reports as a former Sales Manager with Hilton Brand.
Sarah Cooper
Unfortunately during Covid we aren't allowed to be very green...everything has to be single use.
Patricia McAlpine
Many of our hotels in the Blackstone Valley and Providence area rely on Business Travel to fill rooms during the week. This has been curtailed. Also the distancing has made it difficult for sales teams to get out and build new businesses. I have tried to work our hotels to keep them apprised of any new businesses coming in to the area or new construction. However, it is still difficult when businesses are not allowing travel. How does one deal with that?
Patricia McAlpine
A lot of people turned to renting an RV rather than stay in a hotel.
Patricia McAlpine
I noticed earlier in Covid Hilton brands were doing better in our region. Hilton put out an extensive marketing campaign on their cleanliness.
Patricia McAlpine
I like the idea of Don't work from home. Work from here.
elizabeth dunton
Amelia can you please share the list of all those helpful links you just mentioned
KSA: Amelia Oates
Absolutely! I will share them in the follow up email with the recording and tools from this summit.
elizabeth dunton
Thank you, great info
karen blomstedt
Thank you all, great info and thankful to have access to your resources for the month.
KSA - Taylor Butts
We’re happy to help! If anyone would like to schedule office hours with our team, you can use this link: https://calendly.com/ksamarketing/commerce-ri?month=2020-12
Sarah Cooper
Thank you!
Alex Hurd
Thank you! Great info.
elizabeth dunton
thank you!
Patricia McAlpine
Thank you. Good session.