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Implications of Covid-19 on UHC in Africa: The role of national health insurance - Shared screen with speaker view
Taiwo Senayon Sesi
Good morning all, happy to be part of this program
Peter Chege
Peter ChegeEnroll No:8297
Desire Aime
Very important topic in the era of a pandemic. Thanks organizers!
Timothy Muchiri
am from kenya how is NHIF affected by this pandemic?
Liam Philipp
Good afternoon everyone, thank you for joining us today. Please post your questions in the Q&A and we will relay them to the panelists. Please include your name, organization and country your are joining from. Thanks!
Juliet Nabyonga-Orem
This is Juliet Nabyonga from WHO Africa Region office. My questions goes to Ghana. Please share some experiences on progressive expansion of the benefit package. How to balance use of evidence, availability of funding, political and societal pressure.
Yohanne Kidolezi
My name is Yohanne Kidolezi from Medtronic Kenya. My question goes to Dr. Kamunyo. What mechanisms does NHIF have to determine reimbursement schemes that are tied to long-term patient outcomes? This will ensure much better 'return on investment' and lower total costs in the long run.
Siddharth Srivastava
Have any of your health insurance schemes used your data for supporting any risk profiling or complementing surveillance efforts during COVID times?
Ali Haji
kindly what happened to NHIF accreditation program, why are facilities who went through accreditation process since 2019 still not given feedbacks
Juliet Nabyonga-Orem
Dr. Juliet Nabyonga from WHO AFR. Question to Tanzania. How do you ensure efficiency in health care seeking if anyone with a card can seek care at any level of care?. You risk having mild cases being seen at high levels of care primarily which is costly.
Karin Wiedenmayer
SwissTPH Switzerland. Are you analyzing the claims for medicines, in view of change during the corona pandemic, especially considering that there are no therapeutic drugs for covid19 yet and considering the decline in regular patient attendance such as patients with NCD?
Aisling Quirke
This is for all panelists: Do you see remittances payments into your country as being a potential new source of funding health insurance?
Desire Aime
My name is Desire Aime from the Karen hospital, Nairobi. My question goes to all panelists whoever is comfortable to answer. 1. What are new strategies you are setting to fully provide services delivery to COVID-19 and other future outbreaks.
Has any of your institutions been impacted upon by a legislation enacted during the pandemic,? If yes, how? Would you have a recourse if the impact is negative? Have you used it? Seems like Ghana is out o this since Cov SARS 2 is being addressed centrally ...
Michael Ogbuefi
Good morning house.Pharm.Mike greeting from Festac Town,Lagos Nigeria.
To Kenya, that huge slump in hospitalizations cannot be really attributed to increased prevention. I guess most of those hospitalizations would have had their origin in NCDs and acute conditions. Would you know whether the mortality patterns have changed?
Haruna Muazu
I am Haruna Muazu from Maayoit Healthcare Nigeria. I would’ve love to hear about practical challenges faced in Nigeria during this pandemic from a health insurance expert in Nigeria. The Lagos contribution is mostly on regulation and government plans not touching on real time problems in insurance
Desire Aime
My introduction was done above. What are innovative measures for healthcare funding are you setting for UHC? what is preventing African countries to switch to tax funded insurance which seems to better work? PPP is key in UHC, what are you planning on this? How are you addressing corruption issues?
Akindayo Ajiteru
Akindayo Ajiteru from HCI Healthcare, Lagos, Nigeria. Stakeholders, at least in Nigeria, have agreed that one major barrier to achieving acceptably-high enrolment figures for health insurance is low (or even non-existent) awareness. With the opportunity that covid-19 presents by putting the issue of healthcare at the front burner of public discourse globally, how are we seizing the initiatve to drive better national awareness with particular focus on the peri-urban and rural areas?
Sally Lake
Sally Lake, from the UK. Re technology, it might be worth looking at the Kings College London Covid.joinzoe.com website which is using app-based reporting of symptoms by volunteers not only to monitor the epidemic within the UK, but also to develop algorithms for diagnosis in the absence of widespread testing. They were (I believe) responsible for eventually getting the official guidance to recognise loss of sense of smell and taste as a major symptom
Liam Philipp
Thank you everyone for your excellent questions today. Due to time constraints, we unfortunately will not be able to address all of these questions, but we are doing our best to address the main topic areas.
David Ugochukwu
I am David Ugochukwu, FHS Medical
Lisa Morgan
Thank you so much all for your time. And thank you again to the organisers!
Clare Omatseye
Greetings from LiveWell Initiative LWI Nigeria.We recently developed Study Protocols for COVID-19 Response in Africa.We are happy to share our Study Protocols with HCWs and Researchers in Africa, as a COVID-19 RESPONSE.The Protocols are Realistic, Affordable, Scalable and Replicable, and very useful in most healthcare settings especially for Pre and Post exposure Prophylaxis trials among HCWs and high risk populations.Thank you.Bisi Bright, CEO LWIinfo@livewellng.org
David Ugochukwu
I am David Ugochukwu, FHS Medical Consulting, Lagos, Nigeria. Thank you for the presentation. I think the presenters have addressed lot of salient areas. However, despite the pandemic, we need to deal with the issue of awareness for insurance packages and also ensure trust. Awareness should include understanding the different levels of care.
Frank Njenga
This is an excellent webinar....Thank to Khama and the panel.
Hussein Kiranga
I am Hussein Kiranga from Tanzania,Thank you very much for organising this useful eye opening discussions. I would like to know how Lagos is addressing the poor population inclusion in the health insurance coverage?
Scholastica Kalomba
Thank you for this very useful discussion. Scholastica Kalomba. GIZ Tanzania
Aisling Quirke
Great session, thank you all
Sally Lake
THank you for this opportunity!