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Health Promotion Management Then and Now: A Conversation with Dr. Robert Karch - Shared screen with speaker view
John Studach
Is Bob handling all of the technology for this session?
John Studach
So great to see Jen in this session...She she looks great : )
John Hitchins
Hi Bob and Stacey, It has been too long since seeing you last....either 2001 when Christine was looking at AU during her senior year in high school or in 1989 when I was presented with the Dean Meyerson Award. Peace, John......Bob are you still wrestling or coaching?
John Hitchins
So prior hello is from John Hitchins Health/Fitness Management class 1982...miss you guys!
Kathleen O'Dowd
Hi Everyone! Type your questions here for Dr. Bob Karch and we will address during Q&A at the end of the interview.
Kathleen O'Dowd
Hi John thank you for attending!
John Studach
Jen - you are so right...because of the program design, there was always data that was collected that served as the basis of the cost-benefit value of health promotion. that was able to keep programs in place when decision makers were looking to save money by axing "superfluous initiatives".
John Hitchins
Please say "Hi" any 1980-1982 graduates of Bob's program! Peace, John Hitchins Sept.1980-Jan. 1982
John Studach
Bob is right - our initial webserver was hosted on an Apple IIe - that was disguarded by someone. It was so interesting to look at the logs and see how many people throughout the world we hungry for information for health promotion.
Susan Liebenow
Hi John, and others. So proud to be part of this very special community/family. Sue Liebenow—one of the first 15.
John Hitchins
Could one of you provide me a couple of links that might be useful for maintaining or advancing one's health/fitness moving into one's 7th..8th..and 9th decades of life...non-technical and user friendly for strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic capacity? I would really appreciate it and hope to share with my class of 1970 Williams College classmates on a zoom call in May 2021.
John Hitchins
My email: hitchfam6@msn.com.....and I will appreciate your imput. Bob, Please give my best to Karen and your daughters Kara and Krista. With appreciation for all you do, John Hitchins
Wolf Kirsten
Thank you, great webinar!
John Studach
Agreed. Wonderful to hear from the best
David Stevenson
Thanks for a great program!
Carl Cameron
Thank you Dr. Karch and Dr. Snelling!!