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Community Conversation: July 16, 2020 - Shared screen with gallery view
Christopher Charron - Bishop Feehan High School - he/him/his
My main goal today is simply to listen.
Jeff Craig, Bristol CC, He His, Him
My goal is to listen and learn how I can be a more active advocate.
Danielle Wells - she/her/hers - Boston College
My goal is to gather with colleagues, to listen, learn, share…as we begin this work together
Jill Teeters, she/her/hers The Derryfield School
My goal is to listen and learn so that I am better able to do the work needed to support students and colleagues.
Courtney Kipp - Northeastern, she/her/hers
My goal is to listen, learn, and cultivate next steps for my learning and to bring back to my team.
Amy Chung, Stonehill College (she/her/hers)
My goal is to better identify these acts of racism in our system so I can call out racist actions, behaviors, and systems that impact our students.
Jobita Mao, Salem State Univ. (she/her)
please remain muted if not speaking
Shannon Barnes, she/hers, Florida Southern College
My goal is to listen and take back this learning to the rest of my office and division so that we can do better.
Debra Ellman
My goal is to listen, own, and act.
Cindy Córdova, Boston College (she/her/hers)
My intention is to learn and to continue to advocate from a place of compassion and listening with an open mind and an open heart.
Chrissy Cerenzia, St. George's School (she, her, hers)
My goal is to listen and learn how to become an active advocate for the students we work with.
Lindsey (she/her) Saint Michael's College
My goal is to learn more about the factors of white supremacy culture and how I might interrupt that in my work and personal life, but even more so listening to the experiences of Black students in this environment.