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Port & Harbor Lunch Series: Federal Grant Partners - Shared screen with speaker view
Bessie Weston
I was disconnected and cannot call back (a message saying the line is disconnected?)
Carl Uchytil
For Jocelyn - I assume the term "rural" with regards to the Denali Commission means all of Alaska?
Jocelyn Fenton
Hi Carl, there are different definitions of course and I think we can argue the rural-ness of any area but I think our authority includes all of AK, however I suppose I should have said our "focus" is on rural and less on the bigger cities (Anch, Juneau, Fairbanks) due to the great needs in smaller communities.
Bryan Hawkins
Hi Jocelyn, what is the funding level that the Denali received for 2020?
Jocelyn Fenton
I believe our annual appropriation is under the continuing resolution so it will be the same as last year: $15MM
Bryan Hawkins
understood thanks
Bessie Weston
Jocelyn, I will be in touch by email. Thank you.
Jocelyn Fenton
Sounds great, thanks!