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Financing Forests February - Shared screen with speaker view
sally claggett
As folks have questions-- please post them here. We will take them at the end of the presentation.
Frank Rodgers
I went to n-print.org but could not buy any credit. Where is the purchase tool?
Frank Rodgers
Please demonstrate how to use n-print.org to buy credits.
Katie Brownson
How do you establish the cost-share amounts you offer farmers for tree-planting? And who is responsible for the planting and maintenance?
Anne Hairston-Strang
How do you build trust that the credits are effective? Lots of science skeptics out there.
sally claggett
please talk more about your funding cycle
Mark Hoffman
Does the credit generator get paid up-front or does the farmer/landowner have to wait until the credit is sold?
Mark Hoffman
Still trying to understand the interest in purchasing from non-regulated entities. Can you talk more about that?
Paul Emmart
Does the species of tree matter? e.g., do you get more credit for oaks as opposed to pine trees because of better habitat value from one and not the other?
Paul Emmart
Do you get extra credit for co-benefits?
sally claggett
How many credits/acres (more or less) of tree planting have you sold?
Anne Hairston-Strang
So where do we find the water-neutral credit calculations for beer and bourbon? Would be great information for our outreach, particularly for White Oak Initiative.
Arturo Keller
From a nutrient uptake perspective, the difference between tree species is small. It depends more on density of planting and other factors. There could be other benefits to different species. I have to leave the meeting