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Grade 10 Experience Week - Shared screen with speaker view
Mike Armstrong
Good Morning!
Matt Schulte
Hello everyone and thank you for joining. As we progress through the session feel free to post your questions here and we will make sure we address them before the end of the session.
Gigi Pang
So they will stay in outdoor camp in all the whole period?
Susanne Krigsman
Thank you Mike, I can tell the students will have a great time. I hope they do will hike up Shark Peak :)
Peter Roschke
What equipment is required for the students to brinv.. Sleeping bags, tents, mess kit?
Peter Roschke
Great. Thank you. Looks to be a great experience
Gigi Pang
Thank you for the great presentation! Thank you Mike & Matt for sharing! I am sure the students will hv a great time.