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Your Special Support Team and Divine Assistance - 6th Introduction Webinar to the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, with Anaan Kumara and Mumaras, Live from Bali, Indonesia - Shared screen with speaker view
Ra'shiym Christos
Hello everybody :) If you’d like to ask any questions during the webinar, please add them into the chat box!
Kali'yah Ashtar
What a beautiful surprise to hear you all here. You are all divine and specially talented mentors and mumaras. We send all our bleesings for all those who join you in this sacred journey. xxxooo all my love
Azraella Raphael
We love you Anaan xx
Azraella Raphael
If you have a question to ask Anaan, the co-teacher, or Azraella or Ra’shiym - two of the Mumara’s in the Self Mastery School of Divine Voice, please type it here.
Azraella Raphael
If you have any questions after this webinar you can email them to: divinevoice@thesiriuslibrary.com