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Vicki Weslek's Personal Meeting Room - Shared screen with speaker view
clora ipad
Vicki you said to remind you to record
james goldman
Suggestion in future..No need for a password to get onto a VDH zoom.Thats usually in meetings of hundreds to prevent disruptors. Password entry is an added admin step…you need to not only find meeting ID but also a password?? no need! .A VDH meeting we can all see who is here,,,an interloper can be cut off or asked to leave,,,I run this Zoom stuff all the time. I actually have a startup based on zoom motvoice.org (anyone looking for a remote job bringing global Non profit leaders into peer advisory groups:). In motvoice very very rare do i add a password.Thats my recommendation. 2) You can also set u virtual background Of VILLAGE HALL> and send around..so we don’t have to look at everyones bedroom behind or bookcases:)
clora ipad
zoom just added passwords for all meetings last night to prevent zoombombing
james goldman
ahhhhh thx..then we need a spot on the invites , can that be done..crazy to look for two different communiques
james goldman
1)Any reason that we can’t chat with an individual as opposed to what seems to be our setting for chat working on “everyone”
james goldman
GREAT JOB TEAM: Amazing leaders are here..wow! wevecome along way from me getting email addresses for first time at Cloras cocktail party so as to unite the Porch Crowd with tech. and then fighting the neanderthals who fought tooth and nail against”sharing info on a website that i built despite their protests that “ Our file cabinets are open communication:)” The world has changed:) congrats to all..