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Mechanics of Capital Markets - Shared screen with speaker view
Nancy Sharma
Break till 6:35
Suryansh Jain
please can i get sir's email id, im working on an research paper "review of indian economy 2020" and its an complex research i have covered about 35 sub topics taking the inspiration from the legendary research paper from sir F.A Heyek, i just want his view on on particular theorm that i devised while working on the paper its " time to price and growth theory" as i call its its about how in past when a incubation on new opportunity or sector in the economy takes place the market can get over valued and the current price exceed future growth in finacials in a company or in a sector or economy, the current price exeeding future returns as so the bubble forms. i just want his view it would be great if wants to read it or is in his interest to. please let me know
Suryansh Jain
Shivam Rajinder Kaushik
Yes, please
Nancy Sharma
Everyone pls join tomorrow's session using the same link!
Shivam Rajinder Kaushik
Thank you sir