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Morgann Canizalez
Thank you for being here, Dr. Rollins!
Maria Page
lorra rudman
leading cause of death for African Americans in this country is…Being an African American
Maria Page
Sounds like some people in these institutions need to learn about all-or-nothing thinking
Alexandra Vasilou
Something I've been thinking about a lot lately is the thought that the influence of the west is so pervasive that people of "othered" groups may even view themselves through the lens of the west. I'm coming from the perspective of a mixed asian and white person. I haven't fully articulated it for myself, but I have been thinking about self-oreientalizing or being positioned in a way where one has to "other" oneself to operate in the environment theyre in.
Emily Morgan
how do we respond to public distrust and disillusionment that results from a longstanding history of racism in public health?
Lisa W
We do that for Native Peoples - they must prove that they have a percentage
Morgann Canizalez
Eric Beeson (he/him/his)
Emily and lisa - I see you...coming up next : )
Morgann Canizalez
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Alexandra Vasilou
I took some courses in immunogenetics as an undergrad and it became very clear right away that researching folks by race was not leading to any informative data, but rather identifying geographic location, environment, diet, stress, culture, etc impacted immunogenetic variability much more. I think the way race influences this would be through the chronic stress of living in a certain environment as an oppressed group.
Maria Page
YES lisa +1
Cara Thompson
Eric Beeson (he/him/his)
any other voices that haven't had a chance, want to get in?
Lyn Fidler
I have a thought
Kate Williams
Thank you Dr. Rollins for such a wonderful discussion. I have to take off for a client. Looking forward to your book! Would love if the name and where we can get it can be sent out to us
lorra rudman
i can’t help but remembering, from the beginning of learning to become an effective counselor, that self-knowledge is essential. And yet, even when we think we know, without these conversations, how well do we know ourselves, REALLY?