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Wednesday LTC Provider Call - DPHS - Shared screen with speaker view
If same 9 staff (aides and nurse)have been living in house-it is still recommended not to go between units? memory care /assisted living portion.
Elizabeth Sanders
You recommend cohorting sick patients with COVID-19+ patients but CDC currently recommends no cohorting mix of + and PUI patients other than roommate at the time of diagnosis. As the current + rate is ~10% at the State lab (although would expect higher %age with ill patient in affected facility) should we follow your recommendation? I'm at New Hampshire Hospital.
Rebecca Ferra
where is this Power point going to be posted on the website after the meeting?
Is there any chance of the state acquiring and installing/operating a surgical mask manufacturing machine for essential workers in the state, particularly in healthcare? The broad availability of surgical masks is perhaps the most critical need for facilities to mount a strong defense, and will likely be a major need ongoing, and defense against the virus seems to be our best offense.
Kristen Schmidt
PPT will be posted to www.nhhca.org/covid-19/ as soon as I receive it and I am sure that LeadingAge and NH ARCH will send and/or communicate after they receive as well.
Linda Crawford
The union leader reported that the Comissioner said we have enough PPE and tests. We are reusing surgical masks and now are asked to launder disposable gowns. The statement in the UL seems significantly incongruous to our reality. Is there stashes that we do not have access too?
Has any facility in the state been able to isolate one positive Covid patient without spread?
Ciaran Smith--MVC
Are there any guidelines for what items can be brought into the facility and given to residents? Families are sending in all kinds of items (food, crafts, clothing, etc.) We accept many items per day and disinfect the items that are able to be wiped down and also quarentine items for 12-72 hours.
Can you clarify the scope of long term care facilities that these guidelines apply to? Does it include short stay skilled facilities, as well as a facility such as Northeast Rehab that is an acute rehab but is accepting skilled patients?
Kristen Stanton
Do you have any further information on Sununu's statement that all LTC workers and residents in Hillsborough and Rockingham counties? I run an ALF for adults with developmental disabilities, and this population would be challenging to test.
Cathy Gray
Is there a recommendation for a second test if the first is negative?
June Gallup
Can we assume that if a patient in a facility has been tested and is positive that the state is following this? My understanding is that all residents should be tested regardless of symptoms, Is this correct?
Cathy M
Some facilities are not accepting any positive patients at all - doesn't seem to coincide with the HAN. Also, another is requiring positive patients to stay in the hospital until negative and then be tested 24 hours aparrt before they would consider taking the patient. Also, does not seem to be in sync with the HAN. Please advise
Chris Kelliher
Regarding Sununu Mass Testing for Hillsborough and Rockingham. When does this begin? Convenient MD does not have an answer yet
Mark Queiros
the current mandate is that all healthcare workers will be tested, from governor ..how will fill the gaps with A symptomatic being quarantined
confirming/clarifying - if an employee is exposed to a known positive coworker, and they are asymptomatic, but get tested, do they need to stay out of work pending test result?
Mike Palmieri (HHH)
Is there a best fit or effectiveness of a N95 relative to a negative pressure room?
Gary Sobelson
Is there any movement to increase restrictions and prevent staff and providers from working in multiple facilities where possible?
If a resident goes to the hospital for and outpatient test i: CT scan do they need to be quarantined for 14 days upon return?
Amy Nichols Administrator Gerrish Manor
It was my understanding was that having the mask was only when social isolation was not possible....
Jennifer Tevepaugh Pinard
All staff is practicing universal masking. Regarding resident masking, many of our residents will not tolerate or will not understand masking.
Chris Kelliher
Regarding employee stipend. Where do they apply? Sununu stated they could apply today
Roxie Severance
Call at 1pm today will provide the details.
Lisa Henderson
To ALajoie re: employee exposed to a known positive co-worker: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/guidance-risk-assesment-hcp.html
Amy Nichols Administrator Gerrish Manor
Excuse me i mistyped. It was my understanding that having the mask was only when social distancing was not possible
Lisa Henderson
Amy Nichols - see https://www.dhhs.nh.gov/dphs/cdcs/covid19/ltcf-mask-recommendation.pdf
Do you have any recommendations regarding the use of nebulizer treatments for residents with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 who are experiencing SOB or respiratory distress as opposed to any other potential alternatives, such as metered dose inhalers with spacers? I know that if nebulizers were to be used it would require fitted N95s (or better) plus negative pressure isolation, but I'm just wondering more about recommendations or guidelines regarding their use in general.
Mike Palmieri (HHH)
do n95's only work in that environement?
Rebecca Ferra
where can we find the powerpoint that was presented?
Rebecca Ferra
do you have the link?
Mike Palmieri (HHH)
Amy Nichols Administrator Gerrish Manor
Thank you Lisa Henderson - this is very helpful!
If they are tested on the day they go out for CTscan… wouldn't be it negative, when indeed they have been exposes and will develop symptoms within the next 14days, but the neg result lulls staff into not being so strict with a 14day isolation?
clare wilmot
to test pre or asymptomatic patients if testing”everyone “...
Wendy Bennett, RN SDIC
Just for clarification. If a resident goes out to a hospital for an outpatient procedure and returns the same day. The resident has worn a surgical mask during the outing. They need to be quarantined for 14 days upon returning to the facility?
clare wilmot
what way to test( NP, mid turbinate or Throat )? thanks
Rebecca Ferra
thank you!
How do I join the towncoliation meeting at 1pm