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COVID-19: The IDF’s Role in Fighting the Pandemic - Shared screen with speaker view
IT Services
looks good about 70+ people now
lynn segal
No text of these questions are displayed here or on Q/A. Why censured from your attendees?
Stephanie Hausner
We will try to get to all questions, but if we don't we will work to get you the information you are asking for.
lynn segal
Self isolation of communication too because of SARS2? I didn’t think it could be transmitted by thought!
Stephanie Hausner
Bluma--We will work with Dr. Bader and his team after the call to get this information out. Thanks for asking
Bob Schloss
For future reference, you have an administrator setting that would allow participants, not just meeting hosts, to “save the chat”. I do not know of a similar facility for “Q&A”. Hopefully Zoom will add a mechanism for people to “upvote” particular unanswered questions, but again, you have to use the setting which allows everyone to see all submitted questions before that would be useful. Appreciate this session very much!
lynn segal
I didn’t ask if you would answer my questions. I asked why the were not displayed to all participants, why you hide them! Zoom protocol should be very obvious after 2 mos of communication exclusively this way! Obviously you intend to sequester open communication, as you have since 1947. I’m on to you.